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What readers are saying about this book

Samantha Leal

I was suffering from a low self-esteem. Following this 30 day guide, really gave me back my confidence and changed my entire perspective to life.

Bernard Klass

This book made me realize that what was holding me back from my happiness, was self-doubt. This book has unlocked my potential and allowed me to try new things and build new relationships I thought were impossible.

Stephanie Lee

I used to be very shy, and was very timid when it came to approaching new people. I always had trouble making friends, but after following this guide I have realized it isn't as hard as it seems. I had what it took all along! I just needed an extra "push."

About the author

Nino Kilotones

I used to be that kid.. the one who was to afraid to raise his hand and speak his mind in class.. too afraid to ask that girl out..too timid to approach someone I didn't know...even too afraid to ask for help... 

I was struggling with this thing called "Social Anxiety."

The thing that says, “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t do that.” Creating these little nagging voices of self-doubt and enveloping me in this powerful fear that held me back.

It was like a WALL.

YOU know what I mean.

The WALL. The barrier between you and being normal, being free.

And behind that wall there is a positive, hopeful, uplifting attitude of relaxed eagerness. A sort of hunger for stimulation that allowed to me to move forward with my socially inept and repetitious life.

I had hope that I could change. I would rehearse social situations in my head, but unfortunately when reality struck...nothing would go as planned.

This frustrated me, because I had this inexplicable FEAR holding me back.

Time after time I would utterly FAIL.

My anxiety was destroying my social life.

And it was ruining my life. I was agonizing in frustration.

So I cheated.

That’s right, I’m a dirty cheat and now I am stronger for it.

This cheat was like switching a light bulb inside of my head. It changed my life. A full 360 spin.

This incredible feeling of self-esteem, confidence, and control over my life is something most people have never experienced.

And I want that for YOU.

Yes, even you.

I’d rather you see y’all succeed than let you mess up over and over.

I’m the kind of guy that would shake a man by the shoulders and slap him in the face until he “gets it.”

Rather than let him waste away to my own benefit.

But that is because I hate weakness.

It disgusts me.

And in a land full of negativity and weakness, it is time for every man or woman to reclaim their true self. The real self.

Buried underneath all of the fear and the hate. You can learn to be yourself again.You can learn what it is like to speak without being afraid of who will listen.You can teach yourself to talk to people without that constant nagging fear.

And that is we all want.

Isn’t it?

To be free to be ourselves, and speak our mind, and more importantly, to be free of the fear that holds us back. Every day. In all sorts of little encounters.

And BIG encounters.

But don’t get me started on those.

In this free eBook, I am going to teach you how to cheat.

You will FINALLY know what it’s like to be free of anxiety. You will know what it is like for the first time to talk to another person without paranoia clouding your judgment.

This is a well-kept secret for those of you who are hooked on overpriced and damaging drugs from Big Pharma such as benzos. Or antidepressants.

Leave all that behind.

Leave the drugs.

Leave the fear.

And please, leave your guilt at cheating a little bit.

This will be the best thing for some of you. It could change your entire perspective to life. It is the catalyst, just the start in a glorious transformation that will last the rest of your life.

From zero to hero! Or at least better than you were yesterday.

Stop hiding in your rooms.


Go out and talk to people. Assert your will. Be the man or woman you were destined to be. And stop letting fear hold you back.

This Is Only The First Step.

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  • Will This eBook Really Eliminate My Social Anxiety?
    • Yes, if you follow the guide's steps to a tee, your perspective to life will completely change. You will be a completely different man or woman. One who speaks his or her mind, isn't afraid of starting conversations with people they don't know, makes new friends and starts new relationships. Simply put, you will learn to be the best socially adept version of yourself in less than 30 days. It's up to you if you choose to start today, or keep delaying it.
  • Can I Contact You Via Email/Call/Text ?
    • Yes of course, you can email me at ninokilotones@gmail.com. I won't post my phone number here for obvious reasons, but if you would like to call or text me, please email me first. Due to overwhelming requests I won't be able to contact you through the phone if your number isn't in the system. So, make sure to submit your number above, if you decide you want to call or text me down the line.
  • What is this cheat you were talking about earlier?
    • It's an effective well-kept secret that puts you in the right mindset, in order for you to beat social anxiety. This secret is outlined in the 30 day program, I am giving away FREE for a limited time. Why am I doing this? Because I truly want to help you, and I know $15 may be a lot for some. I want you to understand that I went through the same struggle you are going through right now. I wish someone would have told me these tips I am about to give you. But, I had to learn the hard way and now I'm helping you fast track to where you want to be. To be free of social anxiety and for you to stop overthinking everything.
  • Why Do You Need My Phone Number And Email?
    • The reason behind collecting this information is to keep track of everyone who has claimed a free copy of the guide. Since, this is usually a paid product, I need to know if you really claimed it when it was free. So, if you were having trouble accessing or downloading it, I can easily send you the latest version. Additionally, like I said before, if you wanted to get in contact with me for any reason (help/advice/tips) I will only respond through the contact information you have provided in the system.